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About company

About company

In the state of crisis safety has become an integral part in the work of every company. It is not a secret that different establishments such as large and small businesses, shops, offices and many others need a complex service that guarantee their security. Like all the very important people they need a professional guard. At the moment no company can manage without specialized guard service – either a video control system, devices of excess control, alarm system and physical guard. Your personal safety, the safety your staff and property, the minimizing of the risky affairs and force major circumstances depend on how well – guarded your sites are.

Охранное предприятие Гесар

The site guard is a business of high importance, so it is essential to select a professional and trustworthy private guard company. It is a pity, there are some guard companies in our region which by their work discredit the very idea of the foundation of private guard business in 1991. Such organs using cheap advert tricks are trying to gain the clients. So, it is very important when selecting this or that guard company to study property its activity on the guard service market.

The Private Guard Office «Gesar» was founded in 1998. It has all the necessary premonitions and licenses for the legal guard activity including an armed one. Taking into account that our country is a part of the World Trade Organization, our company was certificated according to The International Standard System ISO 9000. «Gesar» company is a highly-qualified managing and executive item of more than 400 people. The staff of our guard office is a united crew of professionals who are unique in their high qualification, in their experience in special force service and in law – enforcement agencies. There are 470 establishments under the «Gesar» guard including banks, shopping malls, manufactures, offices, shops and an aerodrome. Our company has a great number of positive reviews and thankful letters that highly evaluate the level of our service in the guard of the Client’s property, life and health of the Client’s staff.

The main branches of our Company activity are the following:
The supply with the personal guard An armed guard of carge when it is transported around the territory of Russian Federation
Technical equipment of sites All kinds of consulting on the property protection
Physical guard of sites Organizing a check-point measures and control
An armed control panel guard of sites  

There are four private guard offices in the «Gesar»: «Gesar», «Gesar-1», «Gesar-2», «Gesar-3», detective services, security guard training, technical equipment LLC "PION" and private guard offices in Perm city «Radar». It allows to provide with the complex guard service, mixing up the physical guard and modern technical equipment, that are well-known both in Russia and abroad. The nearest plans of our Company are to found a school of private guard as well as to organize the detective agency.

Through its work the private guard company «Gesar» has saved quite a large experience in the creation of complex safety systems to guard the sites of different risky levels. It allows to provide our clients with highly professional service, effectively prevent burglaries, hidden forms of the theft as well as to protect the Client from unfair partners of other threats.

Not having stopped at this level our Company is going on to discover the new directions in its work, to increase the volume and professional level of the staff and also to perfect the service quality.

The agreements on the cooperation are signed in all parts of Moscow region where the sites under our company protection are situated. The business relation with the local military offices are set up. The members of the company take part in the guard and protection of mass events that are held in the region, of course with the Internal Affairs Office assignments.

A chief manager is signed up to each inspected site. The inspector service controls the work of the staff locally. The service of the executive duty and mobile groups of immediate react work twenty-four hours.

The managers of «Gesar» are included in the Coordinating Council of the State Department of the Internal Affairs in Moscow region which consists of 17 managers of guard companies in the capital region. They’ve shown themselves as highly professional specialists and have proved it by their highly qualified job. When coordinating and taking the preliminary check out of the site the specialist of our company arrives at the scene.

The Client is offered a commercial offer which includes the tasks for the guards, a recommended scheme of guard posts including the time-table of post service and the number of guards. Also, in brief, functional responsibilities for the posts and technical-economical basis of the Client’s expenses for the service. During the guard service the arrival of armed mobile group is managed by the «Gesar» company, the managing of the working shift by the chief of the site, consulting and preparing the recommendations to the Client on the points of legal protection from illegal actions.

Ten-year experience of the Company has shown that all above guarantees protection and safety of the Client’s site in accordance with the modern standard.